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TypePublic limited company
IndustryOil Equipment & Services
Trades asLSE:AMEC
Founded1848 [1]
AMEC stock chart

AMEC is a leading engineering, project management, and consultancy company with international presence in 40 countries. The company was incorporated in the United Kingdom from the merger of three companies: Fairclough Construction, William Press, and Matthew Hall Group of Companies and admitted to the London Stock Exchange on 23 December 1982. [2] [1]

It is included in the FTSE 100 index. The company employs some 27,000 employees consisting of scientists, engineers, consultants, and professionals trained to provide expertise and services in the oil and gas, minerals and metals, clean energy, environment, and infrastructure markets and associated sectors both in the public and private domains. [1] [2] [3]


AMEC was dragged into a scandal in 2008 when one of the companies it bought, Geomatrix, allegedly hired Greg Smith, a director of the Royalty in Kind Program of the Minerals Management Services under the Department of Interior of the US Federal Government to lobby for oil companies for contracts. AMEC did claim they investigated into the matter. [4] [5]

In Canada, AMEC was accused of falsifying the environmental assessment for air pollutant concentration in the Port Alberni airshed in British Columbia. AMEC was hired by Compliance Coal Corporation to perform an environmental assessment for the proposed Raven Coal Project. AMEC was said to have declared that ambient air quality objectives for the Alberni airshed are lower than those set by the World Health Organisation and Environment Canada, denying the problems in the airshed indicated by Environmental Canada Emissions Grid for 2007. Port Alberni was supposed to be used as the deepwater port to ship Raven Coal Project’s product to Asia. [6] [7] [8]

Company History

AMEC plc was established in 1982 by the merger of William Press and Fairclough Construction. Matthew Hall Group of Companies was incorporated to form AMEC Group in 1988. But the beginnings of each company dates back to the early 20th century. Matthew Hall Group of Companies started out as a lead-work business in the UK in 1848 by Matthew Hall. Leonard Fairclough traded as a stonemason in 1883 and founded the Leonard Fairclough Limited in 1917. In Canada, the Montreal Engineering Company was incorporated in 1907, the year AGRA Monenco was also founded. AGRA acquired the Montreal Engineering Company in 1992 and in 2000, AGRA was bought by AMEC. [1]

In the latter part of 1990s and early 2000s, AMEC has acquired several complimentary businesses and was admitted to the FTSE 100 in 2007. In 2008, AMEC was ranked as one of the world's top five companies in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and was given the same distinction in 2010. [1]



AMEC is divided into three divisions: Natural Resources, Power & Process, and Environment & Infrastructure. The Natural Resources division includes oil & gas, unconventional oil & gas, and minerals & metals as its core sectors. Nuclear, renewables/bioprocess, power, and transmission & distribution form part of the core sectors for Power & Process division. The Environment & Infrastructure division encompasses the oil & gas, unconventional oil & gas, minerals & metals, nuclear, renewables/bioprocess, water, transport/infrastructure, industrial/commercial, and government services sectors. [9]


AMEC provides expertise to a host of services in the oil and gas, minerals and metals, clean energy, environment, and infrastructure markets. [10] [11]

AMEC provides project execution, asset support, and specialist services to the oil and gas industry. In project execution, AMEC offers project management, engineering and design, “front-end” services and project management services. AMEC employs consultant engineers specialized in advanced engineering techniques, pipeline mapping, and downstream technologies as gas processing, gas-to-liquids, and coal-to-chemicals. [12]
The asset support solutions of AMEC covers upstream and downstream daily operations of some 200 facilities in 10 major locations around the world. The company offers facilities support engineering, brownfield projects, production operations, and maintenance and operations. [12]
AMEC also provides advanced engineering services (AES), automated work processes, environmental assessment, performance improvements, offshore access system (OAS), structural analysis, and training and development. [12]
Some of the clients that AMEC has from the oil & gas industry were Chevron affiliate Cabinda Gulf Oil Company, Shell UK Exploration & Production Ltd., NAM, Mardis Gras Transportation System, Kuwait Oil Company, Imperial Oil Reserves Ventures Ltd., Shell Canada, ConocoPhillips Canada, Exxon Mobil Canada Pipeline, and the Aboriginal Pipeline Group. [12]
In addition, AMEC provides feasibility studies, engineering and consultancy, detailed engineering and design, project delivery and project management, EPCM, shutdowns, maintenance, tankage and decommissioning to the petrochemical sector. Clients have included INEOS, Dow, INVISTA, SABIC, Petroplus and Belgian Refining Corporation. AMEC was also part of the US$2.7 billion petrochemical complex of the Shanghai Ethylene Cracker Complex (SECCO). [12]
AMEC provides services to the oil sands industry as initial studies, design, environmental consulting, engineering, project management, construction services and operator training. AMEC has expertise in mineable extraction, in-situ bitumen production, pipelines, power generation, and infrastructure for bitumen extraction plants. [13]
AMEC also offers development and engineering, procureument, construction, and maintenance (EPCM) of in-situ heavy oil facilities using steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD). Clients include The Connacher Oil and Gas Great Divide facility and the Algas facilities in Alberta, Canada; Tamarak facility; Value Creations, Inc.; and McKay. [13]
With minerals & metals sector, AMEC provides front-end capabilities, project execution, and geo-environmental solutions. This division consists of more than 5,000 professionals spread across 100 countries with Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Peru, South Africa, UK, and the US as the mining expertise centres. [14]
With front-end capabilities, AMEC provides geological resource evaluation, exploration quality assurance/quality control services, mine planning and design, metallurgical and mineral process design, feasibility studies, project execution and logistics planning, cost estimating and financial analysis, mine water treatment, baseline studies, closure and reclamation planning, environmental management systems and impact assessment, geotechnical engineering, human environment, permitting, rock mechanics, tailing, and acid rock drainage. [14]
AMEC provides comprehensive engineering, procurement, and construction management services for greenfield and expansion projects, including underground and open pit mines, material handling systems, mills and process facilities, refineries, tailings facilities and backfill plants, plus ancillaries and infrastructures such as roads, airstrips, accommodation and office complexes, laboratories, and utilities. [14]
AMEC provides geotechnical, environmental, water management, regulatory/permitting services, feasibility studies, construction services, and mine closure services as added value solutions for the minerals & metals industry. AMEC performs geotechnical investigations, tailing management and impounding design, heap leach pad design, mill/crusher foundations, liner system design, pitwall stability, landslide investigation/repair, waste dumps, seismic hazard and liquefaction assessment, haul roads, cold weather/permafrost construction, risk assessments, and surface mine operations planning and design. [14]
Environmental solutions include baseline studies, reclamation and revegetation design, air emission and pollution control, land/biophysical/aquatic studies, risk assessment, wetlands delineation and mitigation, and acid rock drainage plans. In water management, AMEC covers water supply, groundwater development, water quality and resource protection, surface water hydrology, erosion control, hydrogeology, aquifer impacts and protection, mine dewatering, stream and channel restoration, and water balance. [14]
With regulatory and permitting services, AMEC offers due diligence review, project permitting, environmental impact assessment, cultural impacts, socio-economic impacts and action plans, applications and licences, dam safety reviews and application, hearings testimony, and government liaison. [14]
The company offers site selection, facilities siting, geotechnical evaluation, hydrogeological investigations and modelling, environmental studies, engineering/environmental audits, and threatened and endangered species evaluation as part of their feasibility studies capabalities. The company offers construction management, construction inspection, materials testing, liner testing, and non-destructive testing as components of their construction services. [14]
In mine closure services, AMEC offers closure plans, reclamation planning and designing, monitoring, pit lake services, facility remediation, soil covers and caps, subsidence of mitigation and remediation. [14]
Some of the clients and projects AMEC has from the minerals & metals industry include PotashCorp, Victor Diamond Mine, Carmen de Andacollo Hypogene Mine, Bisha Project of Nevsun Resources Corp, Doris North Project of Miramar Hope Bay Ltd., Mt. Milligan Project of Terrane Metals Inc., Aurora Mine or the Syncrude Oil Sands Mine, Raglan Nickel Mine of Xstrata Nickel, and Angovia Gold Mine Project of Cluff Gold. AMEC has had more than 1,500 projects located in more than 70 countries in the last ten years. [14]
AMEC assists in new build, waste management, and reactor/operational support. The company has worked on the build of every civil nuclear power stations dating back to the 1950s in the UK. It is currently involved in the Bruce A Restart Project in Canada. AMEC provides assistance in decommissioning nuclear facilities. It provides waste storage facility for Sellafield Ltd. [15]
In the renewables sector, AMEC supports wind, biomass, biofuels, energy from waste, hydrogen, fuel cells, carbon capture and storage, and clean coal sectors. AMEC has been involved in biomass projects since 1948. Currently, the company is supporting the SUPERGEN bioenergy research programme in the UK. In carbon capture and storage, AMEC has worked with companies as ExxonMobil, Chevron, Shell, and Kinder Morgan in C02 pipelines, CO2 compression, and injection projects for enhanced oil recovery. The company provides concept and consultancy services, pipeline design, full project management, and engineering, procurement, and construction. [16]
AMEC has conducted preliminary engineering, basic engineering, and EPC capital cost estimate to Solargenix’ Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Plant in Nevada as well as EPC services to the 2 MegaWatt solar facility at the Colorado State University. AMEC delivered the first wind farm to a US Air Force base, a wind farm in Ontario, Canada, the first deepwater wind farm in Scotland, and the Chatham-Kent wind farm project in Ontario. In hydropower, AMEC provides initial development concept, site investigation, feasibility, conceptual design, environmental assessment, detailed design, permitting, construction, commissioning operation, monitoring, maintenance, upgrades and improvements. [16]
AMEC’s bioprocess sector assists the biotechnology and process industries in developing, optimizing, and scaling-up production plants. AMEC was hired by Verenium Corporation to provide services for a Cellulosic Ethanol Demonstration Plant. It was also part of the Integrated Project Management Team for the Shanghai Ethylene Cracker Complex (SECCO) in China. AMEC was also responsible for the new modern Pyro Processing line of Titan America, a cement producer. AMEC also partnered with the National Grid to replace major gas pipelines of the company in the towns of Sheffield, Leicester, Nottingham, and Derby. [16]
AMEC has also designed and constructed some of the world’s largest and most technologically advanced integrated mills of clients as Procter & Gamble, Kimberly-Clark, Georgia Pacific, Aracruz, International Paper, Klabin, and AbitibiBowater. These projects are in line with the company’s support in the biofuel and forest industry. The company has also worked with top drug manufacturers as AstraZeneca, Elli Lilly, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, and Novartis. AMEC has been providing services to Fortune 100 companies in the food and beverage sector. [16]
For the power industry, AMEC has provided services including provision of power generating facilities using natural gas, oil, hydro, coal, and biomass and by-product fuels. Clients of AMEC include the Arizona Public Services, Dominion Energy, General Electric, Nova Scotia Power, Old dominion Electric Cooperative Ontario Power Generation, and Southern Company, in North America. In Europe, AMEC has worked with EDF, EON, RWE, SSE, and Scottish Power, among others. [17]
AMEC provides project management, engineering, and construction services for the power sector. Specialist services are also being offered as audits and due diligence, risk and reputation management, sustainable solutions, front-end investigations, feasibility studies, and performance improvements. [17]
AMEC has experience in air quality control systems (AQCS) for large thermal power plants for utility and industrial customers. The company performs conceptual studies, engineering, design, and construction of major equipment for reduction of particulate, NOX, SOX, HAPs ( hazardous air pollutants) and mercury. [17]
AMEC operates in select geographies internationally supporting the utility, renewable, oil & gas, mining and process industries with power transmission and distribution (T&D) services, gas transmission and distribution services, and project execution. Clients include American Transmission Company, BP, British Columbia Transmission Corporation, Central Electricity Authority (INdia), EDF, Hydro One, National Grid, TransCanada, San Diego Gas and Power, Scotia Gas Networks, Scottish Power, and Wales & West Utilities. [18]
AMEC provides water services utilising advanced technology combined with the practical experience of its engineers and scientists. AMEC offers support in water supply, stormwater management, hazart mitigation, dam safety, water/wastewater treatment, water quality protection and reclamation, and watershed management. [19]
AMEC has an ongoing project to save Lake Havasu from the risk of pollution, groundwater remediation in New Mexico, and water testing for the European Space Agency to assess the health of water bodies. AMEC has also initiated a low impact development (LID) stormwater design to create greenscape in urban settings using urban stormwater run-off in Alberta, Canada. [19]
AMEC provides transportation solutions for highways and roads, ports and marine, and rail transportation solutions in the transportation and infrastructure sectors. AMEC has supported government transportation agencies and private developers in Canada and the US. AMEC provides structural and materials engineering and specialised marine weather forecasting services to offshore oil companies, major marine contractors, and vessel operators. AMEC is a provider of environmental, engineering and specialty construction solutions to both government and commercial customers in the rail industry. [20]
AMEC has over 25 years of partnership with the US Federal Government and has worked on such projects as wind farm for a US Air Force Base, “soil-washing” lead bullets and fragments from the crater of Diamond Head Volcano in Hawaii, and installing in-situ remediation system at Barnes Air National Guard Base. The company has also provided environmental planning support for the US Army, decontamination/groundwater clean-up of the Army Nationa Guard site, construction works at the Andersen Air Force Base in Guam, reconstruction of military infrastructures in Iraq, and facilities design for Southworth-Milton CAT. [21]
AMEC also provides services for the commercial, financial, and legal community as well as manufacturing and industrial clients. AMEC provided environmental consulting to Magna International Inc., full services solutions to Nike Inc., air emissions inventory for Ferro Corporation, Home Depot Canada, The TDL Group Ltd. (Tim Horton's), site investigation and remediation for a pharmaceutical company in Oregon, and environmental information management database for US ArQule, Inc. [22]


AMEC offers a host of services to the different sectors that the company has presence, such as engineering, project management, consulting, construction, decommissioning, environmental services, new build, operations & maintenance, supply chain management, specialist services, sustainability, and training & development. [11]

The engineering services of AMEC include consulting services through specialised engineering services, geotechnical engineering, materials engineering, and engineering design, front-end engineering, and facilities engineering. [23]
Project management is one of the core services being provided by AMEC. It includes solutions as construction management, advice, and support; health, safety, sustainability, environmental, and quality (HSSEQ) direction and support; and commissioning and start-up. These solutions span all sectors including government services, power, mining, and oil and gas. [24]
AMEC provides business and technical consulting to the different sectors. Business consulting services are being provided to the oil, gas, and mining industries through the Business Consulting unit. The main objective is to realise the maximum value from assets of clients. The Business Consulting unit offers customised recommendations, strategies, and slutions. The Technical Consulting unit has expertise in engineering simulation, forest industry consulting, human factors, laboratory analysis, mining and metals consulting, materials, chemistry, and corrosion services, nuclear waste technology, oil and gas consulting, radiological services, remote operation and inspection, and structural integrity. [25]
AMEC provides construction management to the different sectors providing project management, construction techniques, subcontractor management, health and safety, and quality assurance and quality control. The company also provides for front-end regulatory and design consulting, engineering and program construction management services, constructability reviews, scheduling, inspecting, testing, processing of contractor pay requests, negotiating and preparing change order requests, and contract modification. [26]
AMEC offers decommissioning and waste management in the UK, Canada, Eastern and Western Europe and the former Soviet Union, including a complete range of nuclear services. The company also provides specialist services as safety case and health physics support. [27]
AMEC offers remediation, environmental science, water/municipal solutions, hydrogeology, materials engineering, information management, and geotechnical services. [28]
AMEC’s remediation professionals implement solutions to address contamination issues relating to air, land, and water. That includes site investigation, remedial design and engineering, and other related services as brownfields redevelopment, geographical information system (GIS) development, decision analysis, risk assessment, natural resource damage support, expert witness and litigation support, among others. [28]
Environmental science solutions include environmental impact assessment and permitting, natural resource management, cultural resources management, human environment, noise and vibration services, environmental compliance aquatic sciences, atmospheric sciences, and human health and ecological risk assessment. [28]
AMEC also offers solutions in water supply, stormwater management, hazart mitigation, dam safety, water/wastewater treatment, water quality protection and reclamation, and watershed management. [28]
AMEC practices hydrogeology for collaboration of different services in the planning, design, and implementation of many types of projects including groundwater resource conservation, development and restoration for domestic, agricultural, and industrial purposes. Hydrogeology combines many aspects of science and engineering including geology, chemistry, physics, geophysics, biology, soil science, mathematics, and computer applications. [28]
AMEC's materials engineering solutions touch project areas as road, airfield, and rail infrastructure construction, water resources, private development, government facilities, industrial sites, and mining. The solutions include design and reviews, constructional materials testing and monitoring, evaluation and rehabilitation structures, engineering investigations, product research and development, high performance concrete and superpave mix designs. [28]
AMEC's Information Management (IM) practice complement traditional engineering services. It employs the latest technology, modeling, and simulation softwares. IM services include remote sensing, application services, database services, decision support, geospatial services (GIS), and technology consulting. [28]
Geotechnical services encompass the following service areas: foundation engineering, engineering geology, earthquake engineering and engineering siesmology, arid region geotechnics, risk and hazart assessment, geo-environmental engineering, in-situ and laboratory testing, arctic and permafrost engineering, marine geotechnics, ground improvement design, engineering geophysics, geotechnical monitoring, terrain analysis, embankment engineering, and hydrogeology. [28]
AMEC's new build capabilities stretch across core sectors as nuclear, oil & gas, and power. Currently, the company is working with EDF Group in the architectural engineering operation for the delivery of four nuclear reactors in the UK. The company has been involved in wind farm constructions in Canada. [29]
In operations and maintenance, AMEC offers asset support, production operations, production optimisation, and duty holder role. AMEC acts as a Duty Holder for the Dunlin Platform in the North Sea. The facility is a joint venture between Fairfield Energy Ltd. and Mitsubishi. The company also provides integrated services for Shell UK Limited in its Sigma 3 Project in the North Sea. [30]
The company incorporate sustainability principles of balancing economic, environmental, and social responsibilities. [31] AMEC encourages its suppliers to follow the company's The Six Safety Essentials:
  1. Always take care
  2. Follow the rules at all times
  3. Do risk assessment
  4. Intevene where necessary
  5. Ensure change is managed
  6. Wear the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) [32]
AMEC has a number of niche and specialist services that complement their core capabilities, including oil and gas specialist services, environmental specialist services, and storage tank services. [33]
Specialist services for the oil and gas include advanced engineering services (AES), automated work processes, environmental assesssment, performance improvements, offshore access system (OAS), and training and development. [34]
Environmental specialist services include sustainability services, Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals (REACH) consultancy, information management technology services, weather forecasting, small business registration, and international business registration. [35]
Storage tank service covers tank design, inspection, refurbishment, and construction for different types of tanks including refinery, oil storage depots, power stations, nuclear power, water storage, and chemical processing plants. These services are handled by AMEC's special engineering services that provide hydraulic bolting, on-site machining, flange facing, flange management, pipe cutting and bevelling, support of greenfield or brownfields projects, pressure testing, training and certification of technicians, global logistics support, technical engineering support, and project planning and preparations. [36]
AMEC provides sustainability management, sustainable engineering, and applied sustainability. Sustainability management provide management support and expertise to leaders in integrating sustainability in their operations. Sustainable engineering is designed to manage climate change and natural resources. Applied sustainability focuses on integrating sustainability in the project lifecycle. [37]
AMEC's Training & Development Services is an international full-service training solutions provider focusing on designing, developing, and delivering site-specific operations and maintenance training programs composed project managers, training specialists, engineers, technical writers, technical illustrators, editors, publishers, and computer programmers. [38]
The T&D business is able to provide training needs analysis, workforce nationalisation programmes, workforce development programmes, competence assurance systems, operations and maintenance manuals, operations and maintenance procedures, classroom-based lesson materials, online training content, and OperatorSuite Learning & Competency Management Systems. [38] [39]



Mr. Connolly is a member of the International Business Advisory Council London, the International Business Advisory Council Rome, the Board of Trustees of the International Business Leaders Forum, the CBI Advisory Board, the Governing Body of the London Business School, the British American Business International Advisory Board and a member of the Board in the World Economic Forum Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI). He is also a member of one of the NSPCC’s Charity Boards. [40]

Chief Executive Officer

Mr Brikho was appointed Chief Executive of AMEC in 2006. Prior to his appointment, he served as Head of the Power Systems division and Chairman of ABB Lummus Global and member of the Group Executive Committee of ABB Ltd. (Switzerland). He started his career in 1983, joining ABB and became a Senior Vice President and Managing Director of ABB Kraftwerke in 1995 and finally, CEO of ABB Alstom Kraftwerke in 1999 and Head of International Operations of Alstom Power in 2000. He is also active in the industry being Chairman of Offshore Europe 2011, World Economic Forum Engineering and Construction Board in 2009, and of the UK Energy Excellence in 2008 – 2010. Mr. Brikho is a Director of the United Kingdom – Japan 21st Century Group and was appointed UK Business Ambassador in 2010. [40]
Mr. Brikho is a graduate of the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden with a degree in engineering and a Master of Science in Thermal Technology. He finished a YMP Program at Instead in France in 1991, a Senior Executive Programme in Stanford University in the United States in 2000. He is fluent in Swedish, Arabic, English, German, and French. [40]

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Bruce joined AMEC in 1997 and was Chief Operating Officer for Natural Resources Division in 2006 and of Power & Process Division in 2009 before assuming the post of Group Chief Operating Officer in 2010. He started his career at AMEC as Operations Director for AMEC Process and Energy Ltd to Managing Director of the company’s Upstream Oil and Gas. He is currently Chairman of the UKTI Oil & Gas Sector Advisory Group and a Fellow of the Energy Institute and Institute of Directors. He is a Trustee of the Engineers Against Poverty Charity and Patron of Cancer Link Aberdeen North-East (CLAN). [40]
Mr. Bruce is an Honorary Professor at Aberdeen Business School of The Robert Gordon University. He is a Chartered Engineer and holds a Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Business Administration. [40]

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. McHoul is a Chartered Accountant and was Group Finance Director of Scottish and Newcastle plc before joining AMEC in 2008 to be the CFO. [40]

Director of Communications

Ms. Scholes was Head of Investor Relations at Brambles Industries plc prior to being appointed as Director of Communications at AMEC. She is a member of the board of directors of Investor Relations Society. She is a Chartered Management Accountant. [40]

Human Resource Director

Mr. Serle was Human Resource Director for the Oil and Gas Business, then Natural Resources in 2006, and for Natural Resources and Power & Process in 2010. He became Group Human Resource Director when all three divisions were merged. He is responsible for sustainability in AMEC. [40]

Strategic Development Director

Mr Champaigne was Group Vice President and Senior Counsel of ABB Ltd., based in Zurich, Switzerland. As Strategic Development Director, he is responsible for mergers and acquisitions activity and strategy. [40]

Managing Director, Natural Resources Europe and West Africa

Mr. Pearson joined AMEC in 1990 and was appointed Managing Director in 2007. He is a Board Member of Oil & Gas UK and Chairman of the Offshort Contractors Association. [40]

President, Environment & Infrastructure

Dr. Mahmoud holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Qatar and a Master’s and Doctorate degrees in the same field from the Arizona State University in the United States. He spent 19 years working for URS Corporation becoming Group General Manager of Infrastructure and Environment. He was appointed President of AMEC Environment & Infrastructure in 2010. [40]

President, Natural Resources America

Mr. Naylor was President for AMEC Offshore Services Inc. in 2002 and AMEC Paragon Inc. in 2005 before becoming President for Natural Resources America. He started his career in AMEC in 1993 as Project Manager, then Business Manager and Head of Strategy and Business Development of AMEC Offshore Business Unit. [40]

President, Growth Regions

Mr. Crudas is responsible for the oversight and direction of business in China, Commonwealth of Independent States, Middle East and North Africa, Australia, and South East Asia as President of Growth Regions. He is a Chartered Engineer and a European Engineer. [40]

President, Power & Process Europe

Mr. Saunders joined AMEC in 2007 as President of Global Nuclear business and later as President of Power & Process Europe in 2009. He is currently a member of the Board Nuclear Management Partners, the National Skills Academy for Nuclear, and the Nuclear Development Forum of the UK Government. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Manchester University and MBA from Wharton Advanced Management Programme. [40]

President, Power & Process Americas

Mr. Gelbar was Vice President for Operations for the AMEC North America Industrial and Infrastructure in 2006 before appointed as President of Power & Process America in the same year. He is on the Advisory Board of the Construction Industry Institute and a member of Construction Users Roundtable (CURT). He is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth with a degree in Civil Engineering Technology.

Non-Executive Directors

Mr. Carson was appointed in 2010. He has been Chief Executive of John Matthey plc since 2004. He is a member of the advisory board of the Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Learning. [40]
Mr. Day was appointed in 2010. He is CEO of Filtrona plc and a Non-Executive Director of WPP Group plc. He holds an MBA from Cranfield School of Management, UK and is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. [40]
Mr. Faitfull was appointed in 2005 and became a Senior Independent Director in 2009. He is a Non-Executive Director of Canadian Pacific Railway, TransAlta Corporation, and Canadian Natural Resources Limited. He was President and Chief Executive of Shell Canada Limited from 1999 to 2003. [40]
Mr. Thompson was appointed in 2009. He was Executive Director of Anglo American plc, Chairman of the Tarmac Group. He is a Non-Executive Chairman of Tullow Oil plc, and Non-Executive Director of Newmont Mining Corporation and Sandvik AB. [40]

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