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Readen Holding Corp is a Venture Capital Organization which Owns and Invests in Companies that operate in a number of todays Important Industries. Current holdings include: Telecommunications, Online Music & Video, Food, Recycling, Real Estate & due to a recent major acquisition,(RHCO) has now expanded into the supply of stable isotopes, deuterated solvents and high purity metals and materials which are used in electronics manufacture as well as medical and chemical research.

Company History Readen Holding Corp., a Nevada corporation. was originally incorporated in the state of Idaho under the name of “Beacon Light Mining Company” in 1953. In 1997, a wholly-owned subsidiary was created with the same name in the state of Nevada. Company then merged into the Nevada subsidiary and became a Nevada corporation. Re-incorporated in Nevada on November 19, 1997, under the name “Beacon Light Mining Company.” On February 18, 1998, name was changed to “Beacon Light Holding Corporation.” On August 3, 2001, name was changed to Wellux International, Inc. and operated under that name until May 5, 2005, when name was changed to Readen Holding Corp.

Readen Holding Corp.
TypePublic company
RHCO stock chart


Business Description

Readen Holding Corp is a Nevada Corporation, engaged in the business of identifying and acquiring privately held equity holdings in various entities worldwide. The Company operates as the parent company of Readen Industries Limited, a company organized under the laws of Hong Kong, PRC.

Products and Services

Business Line #1

The Company is engaged in the business of identifying and acquiring privately held equity holdings in various entities worldwide

Business Line #2

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Investors Community

Company on the Web

Investor Contacts

Investor Relations

email: Jordy@readenholdingcorp.com

Transfer Agent

Jersey Transfer & Trust Co.
Address : 201 Bloomfield Ave. Verona New Jersey 07044
Phone : 973-239-2712


HJ & Associates, LLC
Address: 50 West Broadway, Suite 600, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84101
Phone: 801-328-4408

Legal Counsel

David E. Wise Esq.
Law Offices of David E. Wise, P.C.
Address: 9901 IH-10 West, Suite 800, San Antonio, Texas 78230
Phone: 210-558-2858
email: wiselaw@verison.net


Chief Executive Officer


Mr Steenbergen started his career in his families business “Kwantum Hallen”. After that company was sold, he became Managing Director of Casin Magnetic, one of the largest producer of video tapes in Asia. From 1984 forward, he lived and worked in Hong Kong and China as President of Readen Ltd, a trading company specialized in non-food products. Readen Ltd purchased 50% of Casin Magnetic and Starlux, a manufacturer of plastic products. In 1999 Ronald sold Readen to a Dutch Venture Capital organization. From 2000 Ronald has concentrated on IPO’s and reverse-mergers of Asian companies on the European and American Stock Exchange.

Chief Financial Officer


Worked in the food franchising business for over 20 years. Ensured and checked profitability of the business within established guidelines and requirements for sales growth, cost, labor, and controllable costs. Co-ordinated and implemented operations, plans, company initiatives and store-marketing in a profitable and timely manner. Ensured and checked all required programs, reports and legal documents to be accurate and complete. Is responsible for managing the financial risks of the corporation, financial planning, record-keeping for financial reporting as well as responsible for analysis of data.

Additional Information


Gijsbrecht van Amstelstraat
423A 1216CA
The Netherlands
Telephone: +31(0)35 6299970
E-mail: info@readeneurope.com

Other Locations/Facilities

Office and Showroom in Hong Kong
South Seas Centre,
75 Mody Road, room 302, Tower 1,
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Office and Showroom in France
8385 Avenue Victor Hugo 93300,
Aubervilliers, Paris, France

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