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Guard Dog Inc.
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The 15 Seconds of Fame (subsidiarity company of Guard Dog, Inc (USOTC:GRDO) website is founded on three principles:

  1. America loves contests
  2. America loves user-generated content
  3. America loves voting on each other

It was logic that brought these together in an original and entertaining place to showcase the talents of every John and Jane Doe on the Web. The concept is simple: JOIN our site for free, record a 15 second video of your talent, upload and submit it to one of numerous contests, then wait and see if America loves you. Anyone can vote, and anyone (regardless if you've submitted to a contest or not) can make a profile, vote and even win prizes like a new iPod.

We hope 15SOF provides an active, social, stimulating place to discover awesome talent and pitifully amusing lack of talent. Contests are designed to be fair, fun, interactive and lucrative for contestants. Your brother can submit a video of his worst wipeout, and that barbershop guy can show Adam Lambert what real vocal talent is. We make it easy for everyone and anyone to submit, view, vote and comment.


Business Description

The product is a website with the capabilities to instantly create contests and pay out prizes to winners who have entered our wide variety and ever changing contests. The product has been live and active in beta status since July, 5 2009. The site is running active contests in video and images.

You can access the site here:

15 Seconds of Fame have successfully tapped into peoples obsession with talent contests and their desire to be the object of fame via member submitted video and image entries, and merged these two interests into one popular consumer focused website. The product can enable multiple contests in digital forms: videos, audio, mobile content, music and pictures. The Company (15 Seconds of Fame, Parent Company: Guard Dog) does not offer one contest, but rather operates an entire system which can manage thousands of simultaneous contests, each with thousands of entries. 15 Seconds of Fame currently offer the latest social media features and will be adding many more mobile features so our users can access from as many devices as possible.[1]


(1990-2008) [2]
(Prior 1990) Concepts, Inc
(1990-2001) Technologies Corp
(2001-2005) Discover Capital Holdings Corp
(2005-2008) FSBO Media Holdings, Inc

(2009-2011) Guard Dog I.D., Inc.
Guard Dog I.D., Inc (OTCBB: is an American company Founded in June 2009. Under the management of the CEO James Watson, Guard Dog Identity Protection was established to help prevent the fastest growing financial threat to Americans: Identity Theft. Hitting 1 in 4 households through 79 million compromised identities last year alone. Americans have lost their personal information including social security number, credit card number or address in unprecedented numbers.[3]
Febuary 2009 - Guard Dog Nearly Doubles Customer Base with Acquisition of Rival Watch Dog ID[4]
April 2009 - Guard Dog Announces Acquisition of Vanguard Defenders, LLC and Discussions with a National Talk Radio Show[5]
June 2011 - Guard Dog Inc. Announces Terms of Acquisition of 15 Seconds of Fame Inc.
Under the terms of the Acquisition, The former Board, Management and previous business were dissolved and replaced with the new board.[6]
(2011-Present) Guard Dog, Inc
Guard Dog, Inc (OTCBB: Guard Dog Inc is the parent company for 15 Seconds of Fame under the leadership of CEO John Bonaccorso which is both a Michigan and Florida based entertainment company, giving aspiring performers the opportunity to share their talents with the world. With virtually everyone looking for their "15 Seconds of Fame," we were founded on the notion that there is a wonderful business opportunity capitalizing on this need. Using the best mobile, crowd sourcing decisions, social networking based on common interests, locality and social media technologies, 15 Seconds of Fame is looking forward, past the crowd. This new and exciting application symbolizes the future of technology in combination with the human desire to be recognized. Recognizing markets that are driven purely by a social process, 15 Seconds of Fame Inc. is capitalizing on providing content that is available anytime, anywhere and on any device for those who want to stay entertained and informed. We see new segments of avid users who are eager to be part of the entertainment and news creation environment. Beginning with online talent contests during our live beta tests in Q4, 2009, we are expanding to include online gaming, dating and news gathering. Our goal is to gather these vertical markets into one ubiquitous tool to deliver that fame across any social media site, mobile platform or website. Rather than overwhelming our users with advertisements, we have proven there is a profitable business in a "pay as you go" model. If you're interested in learning more, please contact us to learn how you can capitalize on our unique business.With our successful and experienced team including financiers, entrepreneurs and social marketers, 15 Seconds of Fame Inc. is the place to find your fame and fortune.[7]
October 2011 - Introduction of New CEO of Guard Dog Inc. CEO Peter Kirsch[8]

Products and Services

All uploads are FREE and are added to User's online portfolio. If the User chooses to have their upload rated and eligible for additional promotions and prizes, an upload fee IS NOT required. Regardless of Category, anyone can upload an audition file for FREE and it will remain in their online portfolio while an active member.
General Category Rules and Conditions
The Site facilitates the operation of online auditions by users and sometimes sponsors. Set forth below are the general terms and conditions ("General Rules") for organizing and participating in an audition on the Site. Some categories will have their own particular rules ("Official Rules"), and the Official Rules will govern and control the conduct of that Category and supersede these General Rules to the extent of a conflict.
Organizing and Participating in a Category
Any authorized user of the Site may upload and pay an upload fee to enter a Category, this person is referred to as the "User". Any authorized user of the Site may submit Auditions in a Category based on the qualification rules established for the Category. These persons are referred to as "Entrants". By participating in a Category, participants certify that he/she has followed, and agrees to be bound by, the Official Rules of the Category, as well as these General Rules and the Terms of Use Agreement. All Entrants consent to use of name, likeness, Auditions material in any manner by, the Sponsor or any other promotional partners for advertising and trade without further compensation, unless required by law. By participating in a Category, participants agree to be bound by the decisions of or the Sponsor, which are final.
Eligibility in Categories
All members are eligible to enter any Category on the site, in accordance with these General Rules and any Official Rules on the site for each individual Category.
Eligibility for Prizes
Unless otherwise provided in the Official Rules, all Categories that offer a prize are open to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia who, as of the date of Auditions submission, have attained the age of majority in their state of residence, are emancipated minors, or possess legal parental or guardian consent and are fully able and competent to enter into the terms, conditions, obligations, affirmations, representations, and warranties set forth in these General Rules and the Official Rules. You may enter more than once in any Category; however, each paid Auditions must be a unique performance or work created by Entrant.



Here we are. We're entertainment junkies. When we're not pouring our blood, sweat and tears into creating 15 Seconds of Fame, we wearing out the fretboard on our Rock Band guitars, throwing spontaneous dance parties and trying to make each other bust a gut laughing. We hail from all over the country. From Detroit, the birthplace of the Motown sound, Enimem and Bob Segar. From Orlando, where every day is a vacation and entertainment reigns supreme at Universal Studios and the House of Mouse. And from San Francisco, the incubator of cool technology and what's next. The web is too huge. Videos are too long. Time is too short. And after way too many seasons of over-produced, cookie cutter Idols, we're ready for something new. Besides, no one has 15 minutes to waste on boring stuff. We wanted to boil the millions of clips on the web down to the highlights, the entertaining bits, the good stuff. We have short attention spans and we want to be entertained!
We decided to give the rest of America their moment in the sun. There's no more long audition lines, smirky judges or silly hoops to jump through (unless jumping through silly hoops is your talent). We believe anyone can be a star, be an idol and become internet famous. And we believe it's time to get paid! Best of all, we've compressed a whole season of a reality TV talent competitions down to just 3 short days.
Above is a direct copy of the company 'about us' page[9]


Facebook Page:
Facebook IR Community:
Community Board:

Investor Contacts

Investor Relations
John Bonaccorso
j.bonaccorso @
Transfer Agent
Michael Ajzenman
Madison Stock Transfer Inc.
1688 East 16th St
Brooklyn, NY 11229
msti @
info @
tel: 718-627-4453
fax: 718-627-6341
Nperspective, LLC.
5971 Brick Court
Suite 100B
Winter Park, FL 32792
Legal Counsel
Kimberly L. Graus, P.A.
4949 State Road 64 East
Bradenton, FL 34208


Chief Executive Officer

Peter Kirsch
With more than 20 years of exceptional business experience and an impeccable reputation, Mr. Kirsch recently served as Chief of Staff for the Founding CEO and Chairman Emeritus of America Online. Mr. Kirsch oversaw all operations from private investments, venture capital, and diplomatic relations to international philanthropy. His responsibilities included portfolio management of investments and companies, ranging from start-up technology companies to entertainment companies to government services companies in the security industry.
His experience is wide ranging. Mr. Kirsch was President of Platformix, Inc., a Northern Virginia based "start-up" company providing web based applications, where he helped raise more than $5M. Mr. Kirsch also served on the staff of the American Society of Landscape Architects for 11 years, including four as their CEO, leading ASLA through explosive growth with the purchase of two private companies and their 100 year anniversary in which they developed and implemented more than 100 inner city planning and community development projects across the country. In addition, Pete chaired the Advisory Committee for Longstreet Partners investment activities and provides counsel on a variety of matters for the Firm.
While Mr. Kirsch is extremely involved in the business world, he is also very active in philanthropic and international work. This included oversight of the International Commission for Missing Persons (ICMP) for the United States Department of State. In addition, Mr. Kirsch works with many non-profit organizations which include: Board of Advisors, America's Promise; Board of Directors, Treasurer, BoardSource; Board of Directors, Washington Scholarship Fund; and Board of Directors, Greater DC Cares. In fact, Mr. Kirsch has traveled to Bosnia where he advised the International Commission for Missing Persons (ICMP) for the U.S. Department of State, which raised more than $10M to assist in the identification of more than 40,000 missing in the Balkans. He also traveled to Iraq to assess and create the framework for ICMP building a program in Iraq.

Founder and Chief Marketing Officer

John Bonaccorso [10]
The developer of the original concept of 15SOF. Since conception, he has led the creation and organization of the company. John was recently the founder and CEO of The 9thXchange, Inc. Established in 2004, The 9thXchange created the world's first all-inclusive auction and rental platform for digital files. John brings over 20 years of entrepreneurial, management, marketing, sales and start-up experience to 15 Seconds of Fame Corp. He was founder of two venture backed Internet technology companies (including e.Port Networks, who received a groundbreaking investment and partnership with Apple Computer in 1999).
In addition to a career in sales and marketing, John has also been a consultant for Fortune 500 companies such as American Express, US Air and Apple Computer. John has developed a number of Internet technologies and authored two software patents. His diversity of experience, along with his success in creating marketing and sales campaigns across many types of media including: print, web, video, radio and TV, gives the companies John is active in a unique advantage.

Chief Financial Officer

David Rosenfeld
20 years experience in corporate strategy and financial operations. As a Partner with Nperspective LLC., Mr. Rosenfeld’s current and recent clients include companies in the internet, business services, distribution, electronics, marine equipment, and transportation. With each company, Mr. Rosenfeld has identified key areas of focus for each client and developed and implemented programs for improvement. Additionally, Mr. Rosenfeld has ensured that these clients are current on their SEC reporting.
Prior to Nperspective, Mr. Rosenfeld was the CFO of a venture backed company and participated in fund raising activities and participated in multiple M&A activities along with the routine finance and accounting functions of compensation plans, contract negotiations (both customer and vendor), and building a financial information infrastructure to support the growth objectives of the company. Prior to this, Mr. Rosenfeld was actively involved with another technology company with $100MM in revenues. As part of the growth of this company, Mr. Rosenfeld was responsible for the strategic and business planning activities, along with establishing and maintaining the performance metrics utilized by the senior management team to evaluate the company’s performance versus its target. Mr. Rosenfeld received his Bachelor’s degree from Florida State University and his MBA from the University of Central Florida.

Director of Finance

Bernard A. Shinkel, Ph.D
Portfolio manager for WCM Investment Management and is responsible for the firm's Mid Cap Growth Strategy. His 25 years of investment management experience includes ten years as SVP and Senior Portfolio Manager for Huntington National Bank, where he managed two of the bank's equity mutual funds. Dr. Shinkel was previously a partner in the consulting firm, Lubaway, Shinkel & Masten, LLC. He has also been on the faculty of Purdue University, Wayne State University, and the University of Detroit. Bernie is a graduate of The Krannert Graduate School of Management, Purdue University (PhD, and MBA); Walsh College (MS in Taxation); and Kettering University (BS in Mechanical Engineering). Bernie is also a member of the CFA Society, Chicago Quantitative Alliance and Financial Executives International.

Director of Business Development

Mo Dehbi
Responsible for developing, implementing and managing a sales strategy to achieve 15sof’s revenue goals as well as brand awareness through corporate partnerships, sponsorships, and cross-marketing efforts.
His previous experience was as an Account Executive for Clear Channel Radio and Communications. As such, Mo Dehbi was responsible for designing and implementing highly integrated marketing strategies for national advertisers and well as local Florida businesses. His passion is in the strategic development of media-mix campaigns that incorporate radio, television, event-based marketing and digital media. Mr. Dehbi’s work with Clear Channel has put him in a position to take the reigns as our Director of Business Development. Mr Dehbi is a graduate of James Madison University where he studied Business as well as Theatrical Design, Production and Performance.

Additional Information

15 Seconds of Fame
3810 Murrell Road #215
Rockledge, FL 32955

15 Seconds of Fame.jpg

Advertising and Commercials
August 2011 - Budweiser ad appeared on banner splash
October 2011 - Hilton @ Melbourne Beach appeared on banner splash
Special Campaigns and Offerings
September 2011 - Win an Apple IPAD - The qualification period for the prize drawings of the contest begins at 12:01 AM (EST) on September 13th, 2011 and ends at 11:59 PM on October 13th, 2011.

Forward Looking


No official forward looking statements have been provided by the company.



Forward Looking Statement (Unless specified otherwise)
Certain statements on this website are forward-looking statements, including those that discuss strategies, goals, outlook or other non-historical matters; or project revenues, income, returns or other financial measures. Any action you take as a result of information, analysis, or advertisement provided on this site is ultimately your responsibility. Consult your investment adviser before making any decisions. Many of the “reference links” provided on this site are subject to change by the original content owners/providers. Information updated to this page is provided as-is on a volunteer basis, none of the authors can be assured the content they originally provided has not been modified and make no claims to future changes.


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